Washington bicycle injury attorney lawyer John Paul Gustad can help you determine the cause of the accident and who is responsible. Our law firm can alleviate your concerns and stress by helping make sure the party at fault is held accountable and you are compensated.

Immediately after experiencing a bike accident injury, you might question whether or not you need an attorney. There are numerous factors that determine whether you have a case, but the question of whether or not you should employ a bicycle injury attorney is a simple one. While your potential case can suffer if you delay hiring an attorney, you will not regret getting a free, no obligation case review, which our Washington law firm provides. Only after reviewing the facts of your case can you determine the best course of action.

Fighting a war against an insurance company is almost always a complicated task, and you likely won’t come out ahead if you decide to wage this war alone. Insurance companies know they have more power than you in relation to influence and their understanding of the process. They will not be reluctant to use this to fight you. They’ll offer the lowest possible settlement hoping that you’ll accept it and move on. An experienced bicycle injury attorney like Mr. Gustad understands this. He will be your ally, helping you improve your chance of securing the greatest settlement possible.

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Any accident can be serious, but bicycle accidents are particularly dangerous. Accidents between bikers and cars or other vehicles can cause permanent, life-changing injuries.

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