If you are confident there has been a serious injury or death that resulted from the negligence of a residential care facility, it is important that you contact Washington lawyer John Paul Gustad right away to have your case reviewed. There’s a limited timespan in which you can investigate and, if needed, file a lawsuit. This time is referred to as the Statute of Limitations. If you fail to act quickly, you may lose the opportunity to pursue the claim and secure the compensation you deserve.

Residential care facilities offer a practical solution for elderly patients who do not necessarily require the constant supervision that a nursing home offers, but who still need some assistance. It allows patients to obtain care in the comfort of their own homes and to relinquish only a modest level of self-reliance and privacy. However, when a negligent caregiver does not deliver the level of care they have agreed to, an accident may occur.

While residential care facilities are different from nursing homes, their patients may still suffer abuse or neglect. It is important for these patients and their loved ones to understand the details of their situation. In cases of neglect, residents and their families should speak with an attorney experienced with residential care facility negligence and abuse cases as soon as possible.

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