If you or someone you know has endured a serious injury in a commercial trucking accident and you are interested in having an expert truck accident lawyer review your case, do not hesitate to contact our law firm. We offer free, no obligation case reviews in the state of Washington.

Due to the significant difference in size between passenger vehicles and commercial trucks, there are bound to be some difficulties when sharing the road. Truck drivers may need to meet tight deadlines and are often incentivized to get to their destination faster. This may cause them to take risks that endanger the safety of other motorists. Accidents usually occur when a truck driver drives under extreme exhaustion and is carrying an oversized load.

In order to establish liability and receive compensation, the plaintiff needs to identify all responsible parties in the accident. This is why it is incredibly beneficial to have an experienced attorney help you ensure all steps needed to file your claim are completed.

John Paul Gustad and his team have a wealth of experience navigating personal injury cases and can help you receive the compensation you deserve while giving you peace of mind. Our law firm will work aggressively to give you the results you need to move forward. Our firm’s goal is to relieve truck accident victims of their financial burdens and of the anxiety of dealing with insurance providers.

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